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With an executive coach, a leader receives the critical advice and support for increased success for leader and organization.  Penley Consulting uses structured dialogue, interviews, 360 reports and adapted behavioral measures to support the leader's success.

Leadership development depends upon a Systems Perspective that takes into account the specific framework for the success of the leader:

  • ​​Historic
  • Developmental
  • Strategic
  • Financial
  • Organizational
  • Governance

​The Coaching Process uses a variety of interventions for behavioral success.  It includes

  • Structured assessment
  • Professional assessment
  • Observation
  • Structured dialogue
  • Assignment
  • Review and analysis
  • Feedback

Leadership matters.  And the sole focus of Penley Consulting's coaching is on leader development.  Leadership is contextual and time bound.  And the hard realities of organizational structure, market opportunity and finance form the backdrop for leadership development.

Penley Consulting provides experienced executive coaching at the most senior level of an organization. It serves clients with a coach who has been a CEO and who understands the leadership and governance responsibilities at that level.  


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